In the past, we’ve created scavenger hunt templates on a variety of themes including anachronismsluckfairy talesNancy DrewpunchlineschildhoodHarry Pottersymmetry, and dreams.

For this month’s hunt, we’re going big.

And we’re going small.

We present the Big and Little Photo Scavenger Hunt List:

  • Someone wearing Giants gear (either New York or San Francisco will work).
  • A Little League team member.
  • An “Andre the Giant has a posse” sticker.
  • A Micro Machine, in the original packaging.
  • Movie poster for BigGiantHoney, I Blew Up the Kid; or something else along those lines
  • Movie poster for Little MonstersSmall SoldiersTiny Furniture, or similarly titled film.
  • Jolly Green Giant packaging.
  • A baby animal.
  • They Might Be Giants album art.
  • Someone being micro-managed.
  • A giant check. Like, Publishers Clearing House giant.
  • A MINI Cooper.


That’s just to get you started. This theme gives just the right amount of constraints to be fun and challenging—you could keep adding to this list forever!

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