This is the first in a summer series on unusual wedding how-tos. The first part in the series is a guest post by Amanda Stolnacke, a good friend of Everybody’s Invited!, who just so happens to be getting married in about a month, and can frequently be seen around town on her bicycle, sometimes with cupcakes in tow. 

Let’s all just go ahead and agree that weddings are incredible because there is cake. Yes, cake (or some other equally delicious dessert) will be delicately arranged on a dainty platter or served to you on a fancy plate. What could be better? Well, getting to choose which cake appears at your wedding might {wait for it}… take the cake. You may be asking yourself how you can have a cake tasting adventure of your own. Follow these steps and you will be on your way!



Step 1) Research bakeries where you want to sample cake. Yelp is a great resource to read reviews. You can always ask your friends what their favorite bakery is! Don’t forget about grocery stores like Whole Foods or New Seasons.

Step 2) Make appointments at the bakeries you choose to visit. Some places don’t offer appointments so you can visit those bakeries if you have time and buy a few cupcakes to try. You may need to pay in advance for some tastings.

Step 3) Use Google maps engine to create a custom map of the bakeries you plan to visit by searching for each bakery and clicking “add to map.” You can also add biking directions to the map as a separate layer.


  • Bikes and helmets
  • Picnic blanket
  • Plates
  • Napkins
  • Knife
  • Beverage (sparkling water, wine, or more coffee)
  • Camera
  • Notebook or phone for recording tasting notes

Step 4) Begin the adventure! Gather your trusted friends and their bikes and let’s get to it! May I suggest we begin with morning cocktails? You may find your coffee has been spiked with Bailey’s and heavy whipping cream {not guilty}. It’s probably a good idea to eat a high protein breakfast to compensate for all the sugar you are about to consume. I love something like eggs and bacon or Greek yogurt with fruit. Time to boogie!

Step 5) Collect your cake samples from each bakery on your map.

Baked goods + bikes. Thumbs up!

Baked goods + bikes. Thumbs up!

Step 6) Make a picnic! Choose a park close to your last bakery location and unfurl your picnic blanket. Set up the cupcakes, plates and napkins. Take a picture of each group of cupcakes before diving in.

cupcakes in a box.png

Step 7) Taste the cakes and take notes on the flavor and texture of the samples. Which cakes are your favorite? Do you like the frosting? Compare your notes with your friends to get a good idea of something that your guests will love.

Almost all gone!

Almost all gone!

Thanks, Amanda, for these awesome tips for a cake tasting on bicycle! We heart this delicious, earth-friendly idea.  - Hannah, Tara, and Chris