Roger Rabbit your way back to the freshest and funkiest decade at a 90s theme party.

Roger Rabbit your way back to the freshest and funkiest decade at a 90s theme party.

We’re always thinking about different theme party ideas. Today, we’re feeling a little bit nostalgic. Here are a few different theme party ideas inspired by our childhoods.

Clueless Party: Like, a totally 90s party! For those of you who grew up in the 90s like us, it’s probably a little bit scary to think of this decade as retro and theme party-worthy. Whatever! We’re not that old, right? As if. Still, it could be pretty fun to put on some white knee socks and Mary Janes, or an over-sized flannel and baggy jeans, and dance the night away to C&C Music Factory. (Thanks to our Facebook friend Shelby Jay for the 90s party inspiration!)

- Prom Party: Didn’t get voted prom queen or king? You have a second chance! Don’t forget a corsage for your date and booze to spike the punch. Smile awkwardly with your date in front of a cheesy photobooth backdrop (you remember the classic pose: hands around the waist). Bonus points to guests who arrive wearing their actual prom dress or tux from high school.

- Halloween Throwback: Recreate a Halloween costume you wore as a kid. Be sure to bring a photo so other guests can see your accuracy! Activities include bobbing for apples (in a barrel of beer?), and a classic pumpkin carving competition. Who says Halloween is just for kids?

Quantum Leap Party: For some reason, we’re pretty obsessed with time travel movies and TV shows (Back to the Future!). Tara came home from junior high every day, popped some Bagel Bites in the oven, and cozied up on the couch to watch Quantum Leap. The show is about Sam Beckett (Scott Bakula) who travels through time and “leaps” into random people’s bodies for an initially unknown reason. According to the opening monologue: “Trapped in the past, Doctor Beckett finds himself leaping from life to life, putting things right, that once went wrong…” If you haven’t seen the show, you’re probably thinking “nerrrrrrds!” but trust us, this could make a really awesome theme party. Guests could dress as a person from the past (historical, personal, or totally fictional) and make up a story of how/why they would change history acting as this person. The best part would be hearing people tell their creative background stories.

- “Not My Style” Party: This theme isn’t necessarily nostalgic, but it would still be a lot of fun. Come dressed in a way you would never normally dress (preppy guy goes goth, vintage girl gets edgy). Chris would have to dress really badly because he has impeccable style. But he could probably pull anything off!

What theme parties would you add to the list? We have so many more  ideas brewing in our heads! We’d love to help you out if you’re looking for some party planning help. Contact us for more information.