To close out our series on our Mad Men Premiere Party, we’re sharing our ideas for favors and activities to keep the party going!


Tara collected some pretty amazing favors including mini bottles of whiskey, candy cigarettes, and matches. When presented with a typed Thank You card, you’ve got a perfectly-themed party favor for your guests to take home.


We recommend keeping it simple. Vintage records like the Beatles, the Beach Boys, and Aretha Franklin will encourage some serious hip-shaking.

Vintage games will provide some nostalgic fun. Life, Mouse Trap, and Twister were all created in the 60s.

We guarantee your guests will get a kick out of perusing the ads in magazines from the era.


And what would a Mad Men party be without some Madison Avenue advertising pitches? Give your guests a theme and let them create a vintage-style advertisement, perhaps using collage materials. Award points based on presentation, creativity, and authenticity (how dated does their copy sound?). Here’s our example:

If you’re throwing a Mad Men premiere party, be sure to let us know how it goes in the comments!

And if you’d like to throw another one-of-a-kind theme party, get in touch. Let us help you plan the perfect party!