The Beatles are the greatest, most influential band of all time. If you haven’t been lost in their albums, it’s never too late to give them a listen. Even if they’re not your favorite band, there’s no denying The Beatles’ earthshaking impact on rock music as we know it.

This month marks the 45th anniversary of The Beatles’ self-titled ninth album (also known as The  White Album). Although not my favorite Fab Four record, it is their all-time best-selling album.

With 30 tracks, the eclectic rock album is chock-full of characters, from Sexy Sadie to Bungalow Bill. While recently singing along to the song “Rocky Raccoon,” I realized what an amazing costume theme party The White Album would make. Imagine all of your guests dressed as their interpretations of characters from White Album songs!


Inspired by the actual White Album record, invitations would be simple, white, and square.


The party would be minimalist in style with giant, white balloons everywhere. Everything — from the walls, tablecloths, chairs, serving trays, and food — would be white. Guests’ costumes would add vibrant pops of color.



That’s pretty obvious.

Food & Drink Menu:

Anything white to eat and drink: white cheeses, white crackers, white bean hummus, cauliflower, powdered sugar doughnuts, white cupcakes, white wine, and White Russians. Everything would be served on white platters.



Dinner, drinks, good conversation, dancing, and maybe some Beatles karaoke.

Party Favors:

Inspired by the album’s song “Savoy Truffle,” send guests home with little white boxes filled with white chocolate truffles.


This is the fun part! All of these costume ideas are inspired by characters from songs on the album:


“Rocky Raccoon”


“The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill”



Guests who aren’t familiar with the album could wear all white.

I could probably design a party for every Beatles album (see our Beatles Magical Mystery Tour birthday party). In fact, maybe I should! Bringing an album to life is a super fun creative exercise. You should do it too!

What album would you turn into a theme party?

For more White Album Party inspiration, see our Pinterest board. (All of the above photos and their sources can be found there, too.)