Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite reasons to celebrate. To me, it’s not necessarily a holiday just for romance. My mom still sends me a small treat on the day, and one year I even gave out these awesome science valentines at work (I tried to make everyone make those construction paper “mailboxes” for exchanging valentines, like in elementary school, but I don’t think I was persuasive enough). Whether I’m partnered or not, I like the combination of red and pink, I like the sentiment behind it, and, of course, I like the abundance of chocolate that always seems to accompany Cupid’s arrival.

But this year I want to explore some of the Valentine-friendly, non-chocolate flavors out there. Why does chocolate get all the Valentine’s glory? What about earthy, fiery cinnamon; sweet, understated strawberry; or gooey, salty peanut butter?

These themed Valentine’s Day menus are sure to impress (but maybe you ought to throw in a little bit of chocolate at the end, for good measure):

Red Hot Valentine (Cinnamon)

Let’s Stick Together (Peanut Butter)


What sounds good to you?

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