While diaries, mixtapes, and photo albums have all fallen into disuse, they’re far from irrelevant. As archaic as they may seem, truth is, they’ve managed to stay current by shedding their old skin and taking on the form of modern personal technology. Chances are you use your computer or a smartphone daily to record your thoughts, to listen to music, and to look at photos. More importantly, these gadgets have made it easier for you to keep and share memories more than ever before.

Personally, I’ve traded in a journal I’ve kept for years for a mobile app. I’ve also found that in this age of 140-character status updates and 6-second videos, all I really need is a nimble thumb to say hello to loved ones. Here are some of the delightful web and mobile applications I’ve been using.

Many of my favorite moments come in the form of words. For years, I carried a small notebook with me everywhere I went. I filled it with words from songs, poems, newspapers and magazines, movies, and even other people’s conversations. I’ve replaced this with Momento and have been using it for quite some time now. In addition to photos, the app aggregates daily updates from Facebook and Twitter.

Roller Journal

Because writing doesn’t come easy for me, Roller Journal has aided me in thinking of things to write about daily. From “What are you looking forward to?” to “What did you see today?” the app prompts me with simple questions to jumpstart my entries.

Spotify and Rdio playlists
I’m a big fan of streaming music. Aside from unlimited music consumption, I get a kick out of easily putting playlists together and instantly sharing them with people. Recently, I put together a playlist of You-and-I songs and sent it to dearly-missed friends currently living overseas.

Because this beautifully designed app caps my friends at 150, I’m encouraged to be more thoughtful with the information I share and the people I share it with.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a six-second video must really say a whole lot!  Although relatively new to the party, Vine has quickly become social media’s newest darling because of all the possibilities it represents. Early adopters have wasted no time in making creative and concise videos such as this one:

If writing a note or sharing a song or taking a picture is too tedious, BowBox lets you compile e-keepsakes in a digital gift box. All you need is some words and a few links to photos, videos and music, and your present is ready to share.

While journals, tapes, and picture frames hold an old-school charm, technology has taken memory-keeping and sharing to exciting new heights.  Writing about your day or telling a friend that “You’re the noodle in my soup,” has never been more dynamic and convenient!