Just because you’re at work doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun. In fact, recent studies encourage it as it increases productivity and satisfaction. Tech companies, in particular, have taken this to mean decking out their offices with toys and treasures to promote work-sanctioned play.

It may take a while for others to follow suit so, if your employer seems to have hit the snooze button on this, it’s time to take the situation into your own hands. The ball’s now in your court — here are five simple work fun-damentals to get you started.

Plan for fun
An active pursuit of fun is both principal and key. On my walk to work every morning, I ask myself “How can I have fun today?” I’ve found that this mental exercise keeps me ready and open for moments I would otherwise miss.

Seek humor

Ero is a fun co-worker — he bakes pies, plays the guitar, and likes his face very much (as you can see in the meta-photo above). I had a very short window of opportunity to take this photo and, because I’ve conditioned myself to be ready and open, I was quick enough to recognize this moment of humor.

Challenge the brain
If you spend most of your working day at a desk and your only idea of fun is hitting the refresh button on Sam’s Instagram feed, go old-school and spend 10 minutes working on a jigsaw puzzle or a Rubik’s cube instead. Again, the goal is to inject a dose of diversion into your day so, take your time and try not to solve it in one sitting.  You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment when you complete it and and you’ll exercise your brain while you’re at it.

Instigate fun-related collaboration
What do you and your co-workers have in common? Mine have a penchant for words. They’re constantly playing Letterpress on their smartphones, one-upping each other with novel Spoonerisms, and coming up with (inside-jokey) collective nouns.


Set yourself up
I give my co-workers a reason to stop by my desk by keeping the candy jar close. As a rule, they have to say hello before reaching in for a treat. It’s been quite effective in getting them to come over and visit with me. And I’ve found that, sometimes, all it really takes is a few laughs over a piece of chocolate to have fun at work.

We’re curious to know how you inject fun into your workplace. Let us know by leaving a comment here or on our Facebook page!