Awhile back, we posted our outer space theme party Pinterest board featuring ideas for an outer space theme party for adults. (We also have a board for a kids’ party.) This week, we’d like to expand on that party concept and share ideas for a space-themed scavenger hunt that could be added on to the theme party. Here’s how we’d do it:

1. Obviously, everyone would have to be dressed like an astronaut during the scavenger hunt. This applies to adults as well as kids.

2. Name your teams after space programs like Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo.

3. The scavenger hunt list would feature everyday objects that have been impacted by or are a direct result of the space program, including:

  • A portable cordless vacuum
  • An ear thermometer
  • Scratch resistant glasses
  • A mattress pad that uses “memory foam”
  • Freeze dried food
  • A joystick
  • A water filter
  • Someone with an artificial limb
  • A building with a solar roof

4. To finish up the day, pick one of the many space exploration projects on A good scavenger hunt-like activity would be the Galaxy Zoo project where participants get to classify images of galaxies. Your guests can make a valuable contribution to space exploration with nothing but a laptop computer!

What would you add?