“Bun in the Oven” baby shower favors – mini cinnamon buns in custom boxes

“Bun in the Oven” baby shower favors – mini cinnamon buns in custom boxes

This past weekend, I co-hosted a baby shower for my cousin. The theme of the shower was “Bun in the Oven” with a turquoise, red, and pink color palette. One of my responsibilities was party favors. Sticking to the theme, I put mini cinnamon buns in pink boxes, glued thematic labels on one side, and tied them up with pretty lil bows. They were a hit!

Here are some helpful tips for giving party favors that I’ve learned over the years:

1) Edible. I think this is my best tip. I mean, who wouldn’t want a little sweet treat for the road? No one ever thought a delicious favor was a lame favor. And I mean no one. Planning a wedding? How about the dessert the couple ate on their first date as a favor? Throwing a baby shower? How about the mama-to-be’s biggest craving (donut holes, anyone?) wrapped up in a cute bag or box (hopefully it’s not ice cream!)

2) Useful. If guests can’t eat the favor, give them something they’ll actually like and use. This sounds so obvious! But how many times have you left a wedding or party and thought “Great. Now what do I do with this?” At my wedding, we gave out personalized matchbooks (like ones that you might stealthily slide off a bar countertop and into your purse even though they are likely free).  I hope they have helped light countless candles and campfires over the past two years!

3) Thoughtful and Thematic. Put some thought into your favors and make them personal. As previously suggested, think about the guest of honor’s favorite things (food or other). If you have a party theme (you know we love themes at Everybody’s Invited!), work with the theme when thinking about favors. At Callum’s Beatles Magical Mystery Tour 1st birthday party, guests received CDs made to look like mini records. On the CDs were meaningful songs from Callum’s first year of life. We called them “Callum’s 1st Year Hits, 2011-2012.” Mini guests at the party received bubbles that looked like colorful microphones, which fit perfectly with the musical aspect of the party.

4) Affordable. Trying to save money? Buy in bulk. I bought the mini cinnamon buns for my cousin’s baby shower from Costco in a 32 count box. You can also check places like the Dollar Spot at Target (that irresistible area full of fun goodies at the front of the store), cheap dollar stores, Ross, TJ Max, other discount stores, and the clearance sections of your favorite stores. Finding affordable goodies is especially great for kid party “grab bags” full of multiple items (little toys, candy, etc.).

5) Sanity-Saving. Stressed out? Buy your favors, or at least part of them. I purchased the personalized and printable tags for my cousin’s baby shower favors on Etsy. They were emailed to me by the seller, I printed them at my local print shop, and then I cut and glued them on the boxes. They saved me so much time and are better than anything I could design myself.

Thinking of foregoing favors? I think that’s totally ok. They’re a sweet and fun gesture, but they’re not necessary.

Have you received any particularly great party favors that stand out in your memory?