I’ve always wanted to participate in a food-related scavenger hunt. I can think of two possible ways I’d like to do this:

Who wouldn't want to drive one of these things?

Who wouldn't want to drive one of these things?

1. Create a list of food-related items and challenges. I’m imagining something like this:

  • Find the best: bahn mi, cannoli, falafel, peri peri sauce, salted caramels, etc. Have teams bring their candidates to the meeting point and do a taste test! Award points accordingly.
  • Photo of all team members in front of a food cart (one point per food cart)*
  • Matchbook or menu from restaurant owned by a Food Network chef or other celebrity*
  • A Burger King crown
  • A microbrew*
  • Photo of one member of your team behind the counter at a deli
  • Most delicious convenience store snack (another taste test)
  • Photo of someone on your team shaking hands with a farmer*
  • Something edible, freshly picked from the ground or off of a tree
  • Photo of a team member delivering a pizza
  • Photo of your team bringing food to a food bank
  • Photo of a team member behind the wheel of an ice cream truck

Your scavenger hunt should probably end with a big potluck or dinner at a delicious restaurant.

* Works better in some places than others

2) Alternately, if your group of friends are willing to put a little bit of money into the adventure (maybe $20 per person), you could simply create a list of some well-known and delicious food items that are available (but perhaps a little hard to find) in your city. Here’s an example for San Francisco and here are some ideas for Washington, DC). Teams race to sample as many of them as possible. By the end, they’ll be sluggish but satisfied.

What are your ideas?