by Flickr user romanlily

by Flickr user romanlily

I rarely remember my dreams, which is a total bummer since I’m sure I could learn a lot from my subconscious (I think of my subconscious as a wiser, more zen, and better-looking version of my conscious self). And I’ve never been into the standard one-size-fits-all interpretations of dreams. You know, like those books that say if you dream your teeth are falling out, it means you’re worried about money. I do, however, think dreams would make a kick-ass scavenger hunt theme!

Here’s how it could be done:

Part I: Since dreams are all about interpretation, I would just start with a list of common dreams, and let the scavenger hunt teams interpret them however they like. For example, if one of the common dreams was, “You’re being chased,” one team might take video footage of a dog chasing a squirrel, another team might take a photo of a Chase bank, and another might act out a chase scene from a movie (that last team would get the most points).

Here are some common dreams to get you started:

  • You’re being chased
  • Your teeth fall out
  • You’re flying
  • You’re falling
  • You’re taking a test
  • You’re naked in front of people
  • You’re late for something very important
  • You’re lost

Part II: What kind of dream scavenger hunt would it be if you didn’t call upon people to recount their own dreams? At the start of the hunt, ask everyone to write down the details of a recent dream. They should write as much as they can remember; the more detail, the more fun it’ll be. Better yet, have them write down their dreams in advance of the hunt. Then, randomly assign a dream to each team, making sure that no one gets their own dream. The challenge will be to recreate or find as many details of the dream as possible and document them in some way.

How would you do a dream-themed scavenger hunt?