Most scavenger hunts seem to focus on the sense of sight. But we’ve got five senses, we might as well use ‘em all!

Save it for another scavenger hunt

Save it for another scavenger hunt

Here’s a template for the Five Senses Scavenger Hunt to get you started:

Part 1: Smell
Teams venture out and make use of their olfactory system to bring back a collection of odorous items. Prizes are awarded for:

  • Most pleasant smelling item
  • Item that best calls to mind childhood
  • Item that best reminds you of a particular season (not the current one)

Part 2: Taste
The sense of smell leads right into the sense of taste. While teams are on the lookout for prize-worthy scents, they should also find one exemplary representative from each of the basic tastes: Sweet, Salty, Sour, Bitter, and Savory (or Umami). I might throw in Spicy and Tangy for good measure (and good taste).

Part 3: Hearing
Teams will need a recording device to capture their found items for this part of the hunt. They should listen for:

  • Some kind of stringed instrument being played, either bowed or plucked
  • An animal sound that’s not a bird, cat, or dog
  • Something rhythmic, and something arrhythmic

Part 4: Touch
For this part, each team must join the Free Hugs movement. The Team who gets the most hugs wins this round.

Part 5: Sight
For this last part, teams have to create or find an optical illusion!