A really good fort from dadrevolution.com

A really good fort from dadrevolution.com

Awhile back I had an idea for a childhood-themed scavenger hunt. There’s something so appealing about it. I mean, just think of the symbolism! It’s like you’re searching for a lost part of yourself! 

Here’s how mine would go. It’s pretty elaborate. It would take all day.

Part 1: Photo Hunt
For this section, each team would go off to take pictures of as many of the following tasks as possible. 1 point per photo.

  • Your team members running through a sprinkler, jumping in leaves, or making a snowman (depending on the season).
  • Your team playing dress up.
  • Your team playing on a jungle gym.
  • Your team eating sno-cones, or drinking chocolate milk (an extra point for bendy straws).
  • A team member reading to (actual) kids at a library.
  • A castle made out of sand, Legos, blocks, or Tinker Toys.
  • Your team rolling down a hill.
  • A funny shaped cloud (must provide an interpretation).
  • Your team having a water balloon fight.

Part 2: Creativity Hour
The second part of the hunt is devoted to my favorite creative activities from childhood. Each team has an hour to prepare for any two of the following creative challenges. An independent observer is brought in to award points.

  • Make up a game and teach it to the other teams.
  • Make up a new language and teach it to the other teams.
  • Cook something delicious without using the stove or oven and share it with the others.
  • Make a play and perform it for the others.

Part 3: Sports
Part 3 would be some kind of sports tournament. Here are some options:

  • Cartwheels
  • Kickball
  • Foursquare
  • Dodgeball
  • Double dutch
  • Hopscotch
  • Tag

Part 4: The Ultimate Challenge: Best Livingroom Fort
The final section is a showdown between the two leading teams. Each team is supplied with some furniture, lots of pillows and blankets, and some twine or rope. Ideally, this would happen in two nearby houses or apartments. At the appointed time, the fort-making teams provide a tour of their constructed fort, and other players are asked to vote for the fort they would most like to live in for a day (or maybe an hour).

The winning team is announced. The prize is a juicebox and some sandwiches with the crusts cut off.

What would your childhood-themed scavenger hunt include?