The Wikipedia article on “symmetry” is really interesting. It’s multi-disciplinary in scope, covering geometry and physics, but also symmetry in religious symbols, architecture, music, and more. It’s the Leonardo da Vinci of Wikipedia articles!

Here’s inspiration for a symmetry-themed scavenger hunt:

  1. Find a palindrome.
  2. Find some fractals.
  3. Make a paper snowflake.
  4. Find a stranger who is willing to do a favor exchange with you.
  5. Solve a sudoku puzzle (I hadn’t realized that the given numbers appear in rotationally symmetric cells, much like crossword puzzles).
  6. Draw your own M.C. Escher-inspired sketch.
  7. Solve a Rubik’s cube. (Not just symmetry – parity!)
  8. Play a few rounds of Prisoner’s Dilemma (a symmetric game). Define your own winning strategy.
  9. Do something. Then do it backwards.
  10. Find a honeycomb as an example of hexagonal symmetry.
  11. Make a Mobius strip.

Can you think of other things to include? (Though I hate to ruin the symmetry of 11 items.)