Everybody loves a top ten list! Especially me. I thought I’d have a go at my own version of the year-end tradition. Here we go:

Top Ten Theme Party Ideas Inspired by This Year’s Top News Stories and Trends

Are we supposed to ignore the obvious photoshopping?

Are we supposed to ignore the obvious photoshopping?

  1. World Cup Recap:  Break out the vuvuzela, serve up South African and Spanish food, and bring your psychic octopus.
  2. An Eyjafjallajokull Affair: Enjoy Icelandic food (yogurt, lamb, fish, blueberries), and don’t travel anywhere.
  3. The Social Network Social: Invite real life friends, your second cousin, people you kind of knew in middle school, and that guy you met at a party once. Provide erasable markers so people can write on your wall. Like!
  4. The Wikileaks Feast: Everyone shares a secret.
  5. Chilean Miner Fiesta: A perfect theme for those with small apartments. Enjoy Chilean ceviche and empanadas in close quarters. Don’t forget to bring your mistress!
  6. The Double Rainbow Gala: Rainbow food, rainbow decor, and loads of enthusiasm.
  7. The Tea Party Tea Party: Drink tea. Don’t make any sense.
  8. An “I’m With Coco” Shindig: Start promptly at 11:35. Invite your funny red headed friends and tell your big-chinned un-funny frenemies to stay home.
  9. A Wake for the Triceratops: Mourn the loss of your favorite dinosaur by having a theme party at your nearest Natural History Museum.
  10. A Royal Ball: Go full on fancy to celebrate William and Kate’s engagement. Play polo.

Any other ideas?