I am thrilled to announce the launch of the Scrum Your Wedding Guide, a free resource for couples planning DIY-style weddings.

Last year my uber-talented friend Julia and I set out to prove that it’s possible to plan a wedding without stress, even a highly creative and elaborate wedding with lots of personal touches. We’re both big believers in the “Scrum” process (Scrum is a popular methodology used in software development), and we wanted to use it as a framework for stress-free wedding planning.

If you or someone you love is planning a wedding, this free Guide can help you save money, time, and your sanity.

It’s not a wedding planning guide—there are no wedding dress image galleries, calligraphy tutorials, or flower arrangement tips. Those things are readily available on the Internet, and we know you know how to find them.

Instead this Guide lays out a simple process for:

  • establishing wedding planning roles (knowing who's in charge of what can keep your relationships with family, friends, and your partner in tact)
  • creating tools to visualize your progress (seeing how much you've accomplished keeps you motivated and excited for your big day)
  • setting up some "rituals" (putting a series of wedding planning meetings on your calendar ensures you stay on top of all the details, and, more importantly, allows you to have a life outside of wedding planning)

Who is Scrum Your Wedding for?

SYW is for you and your partner if:

  • you're planning a wedding with lots of DIY touches
  • you want your wedding to reflect who you are (not in a douchey way like this fake couple), but you're worried that the stress of planning might get to you
  • you know nothing is worth the stress of fighting with each other, feeling resentful toward your friends and family, or going bonkers over your budget
  • you nerd out about organizing and planning (or if that describes just one of you—the SYW Roles make it perfect for couples who "shine" in different ways)
  • you also have other priorities that you need to attend to—you can't just drop everything else in your life!

Win Free Coaching

The entire Guide is available for free at ScrumYourWedding.com. To celebrate the launch, we’re offering free Scrum Your Wedding coaching to one lucky couple.

The winning pair will receive up to five one-hour consulting sessions with Julia and me. We’ll walk through the steps of “installing” Scrum for your particular situation, and help guide you every step of the way, so you have the smoothest possible wedding planning experience.

(In case you’re wondering about credentials, I’m a certified Scrum Master—that’s a real thing—and I’m so very excited to combine my love of project management with my love of rad weddings.)

Enter to win the free coaching sessions by midnight ET on February 15th