Readers of this blog know that Tara and Hannah are a bit obsessed with the Back to the Future trilogy. We'd been looking forward to October 21, 2015 (the day Marty and Doc travel to at the beginning of the second film) for most of our lives. As the date approached, we knew we wanted to celebrate in a creative way that allowed us to showcase our love for the film's characters, clever plot points, and surprisingly accurate portrayal of 2015. Of course, we also wanted to gently mock the things the filmmakers got wrong (for example, "bojo" has not yet become a common term among young people—though we're determined to help make it so!)

We decided to tweet a week in the lives of three of the film's minor characters—Marlene and Marty, Jr., the teenaged children of Marty and Jennifer; and Griff, the bionically-enhanced grandson of the film's villain, Biff.

We had so much fun imagining how these characters would blend in to the real 2015, and how they might interact with real people. We imagined Marlene might be a Nick Jonas fan, invented an off-canon-but-somehow-believable romantic plotline for Marty, Jr, and considered how Griff might engage with the political issues of the day. We also had a blast interacting with other BTTF fans—in character, of course!

We put together a Storify showing highlights from the week. We hope you enjoy it!