After nearly three decades of waiting, the day has nearly arrived. October 21, 2015 is the day that Marty and Doc travel to at the beginning of Back to the Future II. Since we are dorky fangirls, Tara and I have been eagerly anticipating this day since our childhoods.

If you're also into power laces and hoverboards, you might want to throw a Back to the Future II-themed party. Here's what to do:


Here's a cute idea for an invitation:

Newspapers play a pretty big role in the film, so you might want to adapt one of the images from the film and create your own newspaper-style invitation.


You could go as Marty's girlfriend, Jennifer Parker: 

Or as Marty McFly, Jr. with this replica hat from Amazon (Tara says, "It's surprisingly high-quality"):

Or as Marty, Sr. pretending to be Marty, Jr. Just slap these hoverboard decals onto some foam core or perhaps a skateboard:

You could always go simple with a Cafe 80s t-shirt:

If you've gone back in time with a Sports Almanac in your pocket, perhaps you can afford the Limited Edition Marty McFly shoes from Nike. The first pair sold for $37,500:

What to Eat and Drink

You could make a cake. We've seen several "Jailbird Joey" cakes, but since this is all about the second film, you might be more inspired by this amazing wedding cake:

Otherwise, you can probably serve pizza and fruit, the only other foods shown in the film.  And sorry, Coca Cola fans, you're going to be drinking Pepsi Perfect all night long:


Clearly you're going to be making this paper DeLorean:

And making watching a screening of the film, while wearing cool 3D glasses:

And maybe playing a couple games of Wild Gunman:

Whatever you do, just remember no one should know too much about their own future, and never EVER call someone a chicken. It can only end badly.

For more inspiration, check out Tara's Pinterest board.