Have you ever found yourself with unexpected free time? Maybe your plans were canceled, or you forgot about a work holiday that you don’t actually celebrate. What to do with that luxurious extra time?

I’ve made the mistake of not being prepared for days like this, and have ended up wasting precious time trying to figure out how to make the best use of the unexpected windfall. I’ve found if I don’t make a solid plan, the day will just get away from me.

With that in mind, I decided to create an “Emergency Perfect Day” list with ideas for what to do in just such a circumstance. I actually created two lists: a warm weather version and a cold weather version.

I included things that I never seem to get a chance to do (like take a nap in the park in the middle of the day), things that always make me happy (like going to an art museum or spending time at the library), and tips for myself based on my own patterns and habits (get out of the house right away, or else I’ll just stay in all day). Choosing a few of these things would lead to a nearly perfect day.

The next time I find myself with an extra few hours, I’ll simply consult the list and find a way to maximize that time. By reducing the amount of decision-making I have to do, I’ll be more able to just enjoy the day.

What would be on your Emergency Perfect Day list?