There’s lots of research supporting the idea that investing in relationships with friends and family is one of the most direct paths towards happiness. Even without the science, I think most of us would intuit this. But we don’t always live our lives as if this were true.

Take me, for example. The two Friend Fails I’m most guilty of are not initiating friend activities enough, and forgetting important details in the lives of friends, especially those I don’t see on the regular. I’m not saying I’m a terrible friend; I do some things right. I’m good at being genuinely, deeply happy for my friends when good things happen for them, for example. I’m just saying there’s room for improvement.

The folks at Lifeboat have a bunch of great ideas about how to be a good friend. I’ve been studying up and working on increasing my friend skills. One of my favorite ideas is to actively tell your friends you wish them happiness, good health, and success. I mean, really, how often do we bother to do that?

I’m curious, what do you do to be a good friend, and how does it contribute to your happiness? Leave a comment!