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Valentine’s Day Inspiration: Cupid’s Arrow Breakfast in Bed

Set the mood for a Cupid’s Arrow-themed breakfast in bed with a gold-dipped feather garland.

Set the mood for a Cupid’s Arrow-themed breakfast in bed with a gold-dipped feather garland.

As if pierced by Cupid’s golden arrow, your Valentine will feel completely love-struck with a surprise bow and arrow-themed breakfast in bed.

What you’ll need:



plate for pancakes

And some beautiful arrows for decoration


On the Menu:

Keep it sweet and simple with strawberry pancakes and heart-shaped strawberry slices.



Capture your significant other’s heart with a lovely little gift, like this golden arrow necklace ( has tons) or golden arrow tie clip.


And maybe if you’re feeling super thematic and romantic, you could get little matching arrow tattoos.

See more inspiration for a Cupid’s Arrow Breakfast in Bed on our Pinterest board.

Do you have any romantic Valentine’s Day plans? If you’re having a hard time thinking of something extra special, Chris is amazing at helping people craft the perfect moment. Let us know if you need a little help!



Beyond Chocolate: Alternative Valentine Flavors

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite reasons to celebrate. To me, it’s not necessarily a holiday just for romance. My mom still sends me a small treat on the day, and one year I even gave out these awesome science valentines at work (I tried to make everyone make those construction paper “mailboxes” for exchanging valentines, like in elementary school, but I don’t think I was persuasive enough). Whether I’m partnered or not, I like the combination of red and pink, I like the sentiment behind it, and, of course, I like the abundance of chocolate that always seems to accompany Cupid’s arrival.

But this year I want to explore some of the Valentine-friendly, non-chocolate flavors out there. Why does chocolate get all the Valentine’s glory? What about earthy, fiery cinnamon; sweet, understated strawberry; or gooey, salty peanut butter?

These themed Valentine’s Day menus are sure to impress (but maybe you ought to throw in a little bit of chocolate at the end, for good measure):

Red Hot Valentine (Cinnamon)

Let’s Stick Together (Peanut Butter)


What sounds good to you?

p.s. If you’re looking for a great Valentine’s Day party theme, be sure to check out Tara’s sweet ideas for a Candy Conversation Hearts bash.



Theme Party Inspiration: Candy Conversation Hearts

photo  by  sloanpix  

Be Mine

Kiss Me

I’m Yours


Call Me

Conversation hearts say it all; nothing can express true love like little tasty candies!

Romantic Inspiration:

Valentine’s Day is a month away, which means we’ve got love-filled theme parties on the brain. Classic conversation candy hearts, our favorite childhood Valentine’s Day treats, are inspiring us this year. Do you remember giving a box to your crush and worrying that they might take the mini messages literally? Kids nowadays are probably saying “OMG I didn’t actually mean for you to ‘TXT Me’!”

We created a Candy Hearts Party Pinterest board full of playful pastel party ideas with (you guessed it) lots of hearts! Below are some of our ideas, but check out the Pinterest board for more.

Who do you love? Invitations:

Handwrite a little love letter inside these cute invitations, and give them to guests along with a box of conversation hearts.



Spell out your true feelings on this personalized candy heart garland.

You definitely can’t have enough candy hearts at this party! Fill these adorable heart-shaped dishes to the brim.

These conversation heart plates are perfect! Use them as decoration, or let guests pile them high with sweet treats.


 Sweet Treats:

Speaking of sweet treats… Conversation heart fudgecheesecakemacaroons, and martinis should be on the menu!



Let guests say exactly what they want to say with DIY candy hearts (write on them with food pens!).


You could also let guests’ romantic sides run wild by challenging them to write poems using their very own DIY conversation hearts.

Look Lovely:

Wear your heart on your sleeve in this darling dress from Modcloth.


Bonus party points for you if you have a heart-shaped face to frame with thesecandy heart hair clips.


We’re swooning over this candy bow tie for the gentlemen guests.

Have you ever hosted a Valentine’s Day party (as a kid or grownup)? What would be your ideal theme for a Valentine’s Day party?

P.S. If you need Valentine’s Day gift ideas, ask us! We love to help with that sort of thing.