Work With Us

We're fun to hang out with!


Work With Us

We're fun to hang out with!

Why work with us?


We make sure that each experience is like nothing that’s ever been done before. Just like snowflakes, fingerprints, and retinal scans -- no two Everybody’s Invited! experiences are alike.

We are good at the internet. We already know quite a bit about pop culture and current events, but we’re happy (nay, excited!) to do research to learn more about whatever topics, ideas, and cultural artifacts are important to you. We’ll dig in so that your event is perfectly you.

We do the work so you don’t have to. We’ll work directly with vendors, venues, and performers to negotiate the best prices and the best products. And if you’d like, we’ll coordinate the event from start to finish, so you can enjoy your party. We’ll even mix you a cocktail.

If you’re just looking for ideas, but prefer to do the legwork yourself, that’s fine, too. We’ll work with you to design an unforgettable experience, but we’ll leave you to do the grunt work. This is a great way to save money while still hosting a highly original event.


How It Works

How It Works

STEP 1: Information Collection

It always starts with filling out the form on the Contact Us page. We’ve got a few different ways we might follow up, depending on what you tell us. We might schedule a phone call to chat, or we might send you one of our Lightning Strikes Brainstorming Worksheets which pose some fun and flavorful questions to get those proverbial wheels turning.

STEP 2: The Funtract

Once we agree on all of the elements of the experience—whether it’s a theme party, scavenger hunt, wedding, or special Magic Moment—we’ll get to work preparing a Plan and Budget. These two items together make up what we call the Funtract. That’s how fun this part is! The Funtract guides us through the rest of the process, leading up to the experience itself.

STEP 3: Inspiration Channels

We’ll set up relevant Inspiration Channels to capture ideas as we go.

  • We’ll set up a Pinterest board just for you. We’ll start pinning away, adding visual inspiration wherever we find it. You can add your ideas to the board as well.

  • Depending on the experience, we’ll create additional inspiration channels. For example, we might create a Playlist and immediately start loading up on musical inspiration, or a Food and Drink board where we dream up thematic menu ideas that will tickle your guests’ taste buds. It just depends on what you’re looking for!

STEP 4: Getting to Work

This is where the magic happens. We’ll recommend and coordinate with all vendors including designers, printers, caterers, florists, venues, balloon animal makers, trapeze artists, astronauts, whatever you need!

STEP 5: The Big Day

You’ve got options! If you’d like for us to serve as day-of coordinators, we’re happy to break out our clipboards, walkie-talkies and party utility belts. You sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience, while we handle all of the details and behind-the-scenes action. You should let Everybody's Invited! coordinate your event if:

  • You want to enjoy your event without worrying about running out of ice.

  • You’d rather not know about anything going wrong until it’s resolved.

  • You have shy guests. We have no shame and are happy to kick off a rousing version of Happy Birthday, For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow, or Come Sail Away by Styx if you need it. We’re great at getting dance parties going (we specialize in robot and booty dancing). And we have a knack for engaging people in activities, without making anyone feel uncomfortable.

  • You hate cleaning up. Don’t worry. We got this.

Contact us for a quote.


Custom DIY Kits

Custom DIY Kits

For those who'd prefer to go it alone. 

We’ll put together a tailored DIY Kit jam-packed with everything you need to run your theme party, scavenger hunt, wedding, or magical moment yourself.

DIY Theme Party Kits include:

  • Custom playlist

  • Food and drink menu, shopping list, and food preparation plan

  • Custom activities/games

  • Costume suggestions

  • Décor suggestions

  • Ideas for invitations, placecards, and party favors

  • Pre-party checklist for the weeks leading up to the party

Theme Party Kits start at $300

DIY Scavenger Hunt Kits include:

  • Custom Scavenger Hunt List

  • Custom Scavenger Hunt Rules and Scoring System

  • Team Formation strategies

  • Facilitation Tips

  • Master checklist

Scavenger Hunt Kits start at $150

DIY Wedding Kits include:

  • Master documents including: Timeline, Day-of schedule, and Budget. These are not generic documents; they will be tailored specifically to your wedding, based on all of the ideas we develop together throughout the brainstorming process.

  • Tailored suggestions for vendors, products, materials, DIY tutorials—respecting your location and your budget

  • Access to the Scrum Your Wedding Guide, which gives you everything you need to have a stress-free planning process with your partner \

Wedding Kits start at $450

DIY Magic Moment Kits include:

  • These are different every time, but we give you everything you need to execute your own perfectly magical Moment. Moments are keepsake experiences designed to celebrate milestones (birthdays, anniversaries, proposals, graduations, retirements), or to let people know you love them more than the moon.

Magic Moment Kits start at $99


Who is "Us" anyway?

Who is "Us" anyway?

We are professional merrymakers Hannah Kane, Tara Dawkins, and Chris Machuca!

Hannah Kane (Event Producer and Fun Scientist)

If Hannah could go back to college, she’d major in Theme Parties and Scavenger Hunts with a minor in Board Games, since those are the things she likes best. Hannah has 12 years of theme party and scavenger hunt planning experience, and plays a mean game of Bananagrams. She is the winner of the 2010 Pietopia: Life in a Pie essay and recipe contest, has released a record of songs about running away, and can solve a standard Rubik’s Cube in under two minutes. Most importantly, she is a Space Camp graduate. (Hannah loves pen-pals! Feel free to email her at

Tara Dawkins (Event Designer and Style Maven)

You never know when the intrinsic need to dance will seize your bones. That’s why Tara thinks everyone should have a disco ball as a permanent fixture in their home. When she’s not dancing around to records or vintage dress shopping, she is playing the ukulele for her baby, cooking with quinoa, and mentally redecorating her home. Tara has professional experience organizing and executing special events, and realized her true love for event design while planning her own wedding. As a new mom, she is finding ways to organize and streamline her time, like by buying screw top wine. Speaking of wine, she is also the inventor of the Winosaur. (Tara loves to stay on top of her correspondence! Feel free to email her at

Chris Machuca (Event Manager and Chief Moment Maker)

If it were up to Chris, he’d fill the world with moments – the kind that would make people stop in their tracks and take their breath away.  He has produced over 100 events, and is our go-to guy for all things logistics. He coordinates 1000-person events and two-person moments with equal ease and enthusiasm.  While friends describe him as the nicest guy they know, Chris has been known to hog the mic at karaoke nights. (Chris loves to check his email! Feel free to email him at

Sometimes we're extra lucky, and we get to work with other rad people. 

Julia Smith (Scrum Your Wedding co-author and coach)

Julia is a Chicago-based writer, editor, photographer, and community-builder. She blogs infrequently at, tweets at @juliacsmith, and coined the hashtag #cheverlyforeverly to celebrate her beloved hometown. Ask her about Fake Space Camp (or just read this).