I have been to several theme parties and events planned by Everybody’s Invited!, and they have all been awesome and memorable. They create enough structure in the form of fun, non-cheesy activities, so that guests don’t have time to get bored. They are incredibly creative and imaginative, but also meticulous about all the details so their events run smoothly.
— Joanna, Queens, NY

Everybody’s Invited! helped me create what might possibly have been the most epic birthday of all time. The scavenger list was perfect: just weird enough to make it really fun, not so weird that it was too hard and unfun. But the best thing was the incredible attention to detail and fun little additions – a CD for the scavenger ride? A snack pack to keep scavenging stamina high? Awesome! Everyone was amazed at how well organized it was without being overwrought and we all had a great time.
— Lily, San Francisco, CA

Everybody’s Invited! helped me plan the best party that I ever could have thrown for my best friend. They helped me come up with numerous places and memories that were important and poignant in my friend’s life and we had a “This is Your Life” themed party. My friend was blown away by the thoughtfulness and attention to detail that the party entailed and the entire night was a blast for everyone involved. They are so easy to talk to and help you create the exact event that you’re looking for.
— Amber, Los Angeles, CA

Hannah’s experience in producing scavenger hunts was instrumental in pulling off “On the Hunt with Charlie: A Uniquely Portland Scavenger Hunt.” Hannah helped to smoothly integrate technology and social media into this city-wide event for the Charlie Hales Mayoral Campaign. She introduced and executed savvy ideas, including the use of text messaging with participants as they reached certain hunt locations to share details of Charlie’s experience. The hunt could not have been a success without Hannah and I would recommend her without question to add a unique flavor to your next event!
— Keely, Fundraising Event Coordinator, Portland, OR

Everybody’s Invited! helped me plan the best birthday party ever. I have a lot of friends from different groups, and I love connecting them all through my once-a-year day about me! But, the bar party isn’t so much my scene; scavenger hunts on the other hand are the most fun ever. Everybody’s Invited! helped me to design a PERFECT scavenger hunt taking into account fun Jen facts, ranging friend abilities and hunt interest levels, weather possibilities, and geography. She also let me run with a few ideas (I like doing that) while guiding all planning towards ideas that would work overall. People left the 1.5hr hunt saying it was sincerely the most fun party they had ever been to, and could I please host some ‘unbirthdays’ before next year?!
— Jen, Brooklyn, NY

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